Digitalisation and connectivity will change automotive retail and repair

The nature of automtive retail is changing radically and disruptions will have significant impact on dealers´role and business viability. People are not any more visiting traditioal car dealer premises to select their car and then purchase a car in as earlier. Decision or car purchase on car leasing is made online ith digitalised systems. Dimishing share of  people want to own their car, but have a car ”as a total service” including repair and maintenance, motor insurance, tanking or charging service with their mobile apps. Dealer sales margins continue to diminish and new players are entering the markets.

This creates a must for car dealers to change their operations with customer comminications and digitalisation – and to offer new digital services including repair and maintenance. It is a battle for the customers with ”winner takes it all dynamics”.

This creates providers of new innovative connectivity and digitalization systems a big and promising market.

S-group in Finland has noe launched a new sales models, whera a customer needs only pay montly fee when getting the car for customer use. The montly fee includes also repair and maintenace service, motor insurance, B-call and towing services and others.  Aplicom end2end solution is used and created a new S-drive apps and service  and provided to  customers together with mobile operator Elisa and service provider Helpten.

The system will move customer experience to a totally new level.