Digitalisation and connectivity will change automotive retail and repair

The nature of automtive retail is changing radically and disruptions will have significant impact on dealers´role and business viability. People are not any more visiting traditioal car dealer premises to select their car and then purchase a car in as earlier. Decision or car purchase on car leasing is made online ith digitalised systems. Dimishing […]

Why self-driving vehicles are so important in transport revolution

When first hearing about self-driving vehicles one might think that the important point is that one can travel with her or his car with less stress and concentrate to other things than driving. This is a positive effect as well. However, the core reason for the importance of self-driving vehicles is elsewhere. Self-driven vehicles enable […]

Car Sharing is today`s smart traffic application

I was sitting in a Berlin cafeteria a sunny May morning with our company lawyer. We needed to move to an other place in the City for a meeting. Our lawyer took his mobile from his pocket and pressed some buttons. Then he informed me that we can take the BMW parked 30 meters from […]

New on-demand services on the road

Digitalisation and new communications services are changing our environment everywhere,  also in traffic. The old way of understanding a job as a permanent working position is changing. Uber, originated from, California is the most well known on-demand service company in the world. It is inevitable that new on-demand service companies emerge – whether  we like […]

Twenty years sustainable telematics

This year Aplicom is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. Aplicom has during this 20-year period sold over 80 % of its smart traffic products and services outside Finland. In this time we have seen many changes in a rapidly developing market. Twenty years ago we talked about mobile data terminals and fleet management systems. We did […]

Vehicle maintenance and repair diagnostics is moving to Internet

Drivers, fleet organisations and vehicle leasing companies are being offered increasingly intelligent (ICT) services wirelessly. One important applications area that is currently developing is the receiving of repair diagnostics data and maintenance times wirelessly in advance. This makes the maintenance and repair process more efficient and convenient as well as saving unnecessary driving and working […]