Car Sharing is today`s smart traffic application

I was sitting in a Berlin cafeteria a sunny May morning with our company lawyer. We needed to move to an other place in the City for a meeting. Our lawyer took his mobile from his pocket and pressed some buttons. Then he informed me that we can take the BMW parked 30 meters from us. It was neither his car nor  had he seen the car before. When getting in to the car it was asking with its display if we were happy on the car and if it was clean enough.

This was my first experience with Car sharing. It worked well. My lawyer drove us to the aimed destination and we left the car on the street by the office building. No concern on the parking fees or other – only a bill based on used minutes to be followed. In this time not for me but for him.

This well operating application is releasing to us that connected car and smart traffic applications are already here. This will change the whole traffic. What would be a purpose of owning a car in a city ? After some time I can use my apps to take a car or tram to Finland and information available would advice me on when and which mean of traffic I need to change and where. Later the car itself will drive the car as well.

And these steps are only part which will take place in the coming years with traffic. After some years we will, among other things, wonder why we were accepting  the heavy traffic noise and polluted air from vehicles.