New on-demand services on the road

Digitalisation and new communications services are changing our environment everywhere,  also in traffic. The old way of understanding a job as a permanent working position is changing. Uber, originated from, California is the most well known on-demand service company in the world. It is inevitable that new on-demand service companies emerge – whether  we like it or not.

In traffic environment, one of the latest on-demand services introduced in the USA, is on-demand road assistance. Mobile apps help any driver to take urgent contact to nearest road assistance when needed. It brings drivers clear cost benefit and  faster help.

This like the other on-demand services utilises latest mobile apps and communications technology. Aplicom in Finland acquired  this year extensive software service system already in use by major automotive repair and maintenance chains with mobile road assistance functionality. This means that on-demant road assistance can be closer to us than expected – in Europe as well.