Creating driving data for Insurance with user services

A new type of motor insurance approach is emerging when insurance companies are able to get reliable information on driving behaviour and mileage. Many accidents can be avoided, costs made less for insurance companies and driver habits made less polluting as driving information is gathered from the vehicle.

However, some costs arise  on vehicle devices, installations and the collecting of data. The best solution is where drivers and fleet organisations are offered usable real time information services with satellite based data collection and easy to use user services.  Users are ready to pay for such services and this will help cover a largest portion of the costs.

Easily installable vehicle units with satellite positioning and blue tooth connection to the driver’s mobile phone is an optimal solution in creating data services that drivers or fleet operators want.  Services like breakdown call out, parking assistance, traffic information, co2 consuming feedback as well as a driver log and route optimisation can be created. With a GPRS module in the vehicle device services can always be made real time. No challenging OBD connection is needed with reliable and quality vehicle devices, such as the Aplicom Q-series, when 3 dimensional sensors are utilised with GPS positioning.

In North European countries, driving data operators are already offering many driver services to users – and collecting driving data for insurance companies. A new ecosystem for driver services which creates less accidents, is less polluting and makes for more efficient traffic is emerging.