Cleantech is not an industry field but a way of thinking and operating

A GreenGrowth Summit  organised in Helsinki 6th of June had many speakers who cristallised  the logic of this very important topic. Finnish Innovation Fund Tekes and the ministry  ( aim to promote cleantech companies and the creation of new cleantech companies. However, cleantech is more a way of thinking than a definition of an industry sector. Nearly anyone could aim to be in cleantech.

One of the top speakers, Professor Jan Rotmans from Erasmus University Rotterdam, who believes that our society needs systemic changes towards green economy instead of (only) incremental improvements, presented key principles of building a Green Economy. According to him the principles to build cleantech operations are 1. Cleanliness and safety 2. Circulating all materials 3. Bio-based production.  To the question ”Do you  believe on degrowth principle or on traditional growth economy when solving the challenge to save our world to future generations ”  he answered ”first we need a faster growth and investements of green economy”.

Today´s economy, politics and economics theory is based on the principle that the economy (GNB) must continue to grow to keep and improve the well being of people. However, most people understand that our globe does not stand this – as we are doing it today. New way of thinking is needed. Actions follow the thoughts – hopefully. Therefore GreenGrowth Summit and other similar seminars are very important – even though short term returns are not easily there in attending a full day seminar instead of building the ”cleantech” business.